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Programming, Sysadmin, Open Source

CV - Software Developer - Open Source technologies

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Thomas Martin <>

Aix-en-Provence, France

I have worked for 10 years in the web, server and Free Software universe. My career journey has taken me across various kind of companies (web agency, IT service company, software editor), and positions (development, system administration, team and project management).

Beyond technical proficiency, I've improved my skills in communication and human relations, which I consider being the foundation of a project success.

Since 2016, I'm working remotely from Aix-en-Provence for a fast-growing parisian SaaS company. I'm not currently looking for a new position.


These are the main technical skills I am immediately operational with. If needed, I'm also able to learn autonomously using a technical book or documentation.

Programming languages Python, PHP, Perl, Shell, C
Frameworks Django
Version control Git
Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
Operating systems Debian, Red Hat, FreeBSD
HTTP NGINX, HAProxy, Gunicorn
Configuration management SaltStack, Ansible
Cloud Computing OpenStack, AWS
Containers LXC, Docker
Monitoring Nagios, Centreon, Munin
Tools Vim, OpenSSH, Rsync

Professional experience

Since 2016: Python/Django Software Developer at PeopleDoc (Paris, remote working from Aix-en-Provence)

PeopleDoc is a SaaS company for human resources (document management, electronic signatures, ticketing).

I'm a Python/Django software developer among a 50-engineers R&D team distributed across Paris, New York and remotely working from numerous European cities. My own team of 12 persons gather both technical people (developers, devops) and product owners. Current best practices of software engineering are implemented: source control, unit testing, continous integration, mandatory code review, scrum meeting.

2011-2016: System/Devops Engineer at SIS (Aix-en-Provence)

SIS is a software company providing full alerting and communication systems to public emergency services, including web and desktop applications, but also cartography, radio and telecom systems.

As a system engineer, I've achieved projects for improving performance and high availability, orchestrating server deployments, and developing internal administration software.

2008-2011: Developer and Sysadmin at Evolix (Marseille)

With the goal of extending my Linux and Open Source skills, I have joined Evolix as first employee. I have then been part of the first stage development of this young company providing IT services and custom software development.

Firstly on the technical side, for designing software, infrastructure, and methodology required to manage hundreds of servers.

Secondly on the human side, to manage and train a technical team which has grown to reach five people. I have also improved my public relations skills during recurring business travel to meet customers, and giving technical talks and training.

2004-2008: Software Developer at Cybercartes (Marseille)

I have joined Cybercartes as a software developer during my apprenticeship studies, then later as a full-time employee. I have contributed in building and maintaining several electronic cards websites, for large web portals (Orange, AOL, 01net,...) and for

Since 2004: Internet Service Provider

Oopss is a non-profit organization initially founded as a student project with three friends. We provide internet hosting services using only Free Software (mainly web, mail, GIT and DNS hosting), and we try to use the best practices and technologies available. I contribute to software development, system administration and project management a few hours every month.

2004: Internship at Wesford (Grenoble)

First professional experience during a three-months internship in the IT department of the Wesford business school. They gave me opportunity to contribute to the software development of an intranet targeting school's students. I have also worked on a diskless Linux workstations project for a computer room. This allowed me to note that the open source software I was using personnaly were equally efficient in the professional world.


French: Native language

English: Fluent

  • 6 months travelling abroad in English-speaking environment
  • Writing of technical articles
  • Daily reading of books and documentations, both technical and non-technical

Degrees & Certifications

Online ressources