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Dotsecurity 2017


A few words about the Dotsecurity conference I've attended on 2017-04-21. The feedback is positive, with a good balance between "inspiring" talks and more technical ones.

As far as I know, only speaker names/positions/companies have been published before the event, so here is a list of the talk subjects, and some personal notes. The ones I have especially appreciated are in bold.

If some titles are appealing to you, the videos should be online in a few days or weeks on

Ingrid Epure - Counter-spells and the art of keeping your application safe

  • About front-end security, especially in Ember

Zane Lackey - DevOps and Security

Mikko Hypponen - The Digital Battle

  • Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, about handling security globally in an organisation.

Jim Manico - Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Joseph Bonneau - Verifiable lotteries

Paul Mockapetris - Names and Security

  • Inventor of the DNS talking about one the two most difficult things in computing.

Philipp Jovanovic - Collective Authorities - Transparency and Decentralized Trust at Scale

  • How to efficiently collect trust from many peers (example : you want your software updates not only be certified by your software vendor, but also by N other users who have already installed it). See

Tanja Lange - Post-Quantum Cryptography

  • Quantum computers are coming and they will break internet cryptography. So we have to invent and deploy post-quantum cryptography now, because of the huge time required to deploy cryptography over servers and users (15-30 years).

Nick Sullivan - Encryption vs. Inspection