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Discovered #17-34

2017-08-25 DISCOVERED

Rclone. Describing itself as rsync for cloud storage. It announces support for an impressive list of Cloud storage services and has a nice command line. I used to use drive for this task, but I'm now considering switching.

PYTHONIOENCODING. This environment variable, if set before running the Python interpreter, overrides the encoding used for stdin/stdout/stderr.

Example: PYTHONIOENCODING="UTF-8" python

It helped me to quickly fix an annoying UnicodeEncodeError error during resolution of an urgent issue, when stdout was redirected to a file instead of a terminal.

Samsung T3 MU-PT1T0B. A compact and lightweight 1TB SSD and USB disk I'm now using to store my always bigger video and photo files (although I always try to keep only the essential). Features an USB-C connector, but shipped with an USB-A to USB-C cable. Works fine on Ubuntu 16.04 using the exfat-fuse and exfat-utils packages, and without enabling the built-in encryption.

pgcli 1.7.0. Upgrade from 1.2.0. Nothing much to notice for this useful Postgresql client, except a new query timer enabled by default, useful but not always necessary. So I disabled it using the timing = False setting. Also, pgcli now outputs every query results into $PAGER. Quite annoying, my workaround is currently to run PAGER=cat pgcli.

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